Woodbury Castle, East Devon. Credit: the East Devon Pebblebed Heaths Conservation Trust.

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Diversity, Inclusion and Representation in our Natural Environments

What do inclusion, diversity and representation look like when we come to engaging with our natural environments? And how can we widen access to our green and blue spaces? To tackle the pressing environmental challenges we face, including climate change, the environmental sector needs to engage with a greater diversity of people. As I start…

Screen time vs. nature connectedness for mental health: Is the internet (the world wide web) a poor imitation of the ‘wood wide web’?

Why do we spend so much time on the internet (and computer games) when there is a ‘wood wide web’ of nature to tap into that brings enormous benefits for our mental health and wellbeing, as well as for biodiversity and combating climate change? What are the effects of this giant experiment of practically unlimited…

Covid-19 and Tourism: Nature regeneration or negative visitor impacts? Reflections sparked by the Living Coast BioCultural Heritage Tourism (BCHT) conference, March 2021

As a resident of Devon emerging from lockdown I am looking forward with both delight and trepidation to the summer season when we can once again visit our favourite natural places further afield (despite having many beautiful green and blue spaces practically on our doorstep). So personally, I am glad to be able to plan…


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