A selection of the current and recent projects I am involved with on sustainable tourism; gender and food security; and health and wellbeing:

  • The Biocultural Heritage Tourism Project ( on sustainable tourism – celebrating and utilising the heritage and cultural practices linked to the environment to develop new tourism products. The project is funded by Interreg working in partnership with four UNESCO Biosphere Reserves in England and France, the University of Exeter and Pas-de-Calais Tourisme.
BioCultural Heritage Tourism
  • A Gender Equality and Food Security project entitled ‘Investigating the contributions of women’s agroforestry activities to renegotiating gender equality and food security in Brazil’ in partnership with Toby Pennington (Geography, Uni of Exeter @toby_pennington) and the Instituto de Ouro Verde in Brazil (see project website). This is funded by the Global Challenges Research Fund (@GCRF).
The Female Fibre Artisans Network. Photo by IOV.
People walking towards Elender Cove and
Gammon Head. Photo by Julie Collier
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